Produced & Bottled in Napa, CA


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Meet ty t. Lipped 

Yes, that's pronounced "Tight-Lipped."

Ty knows who our famous winemakers are. But he is not telling you, because if he did, you would have to pay more...a lot more. Censored Cellars was created for everyone to afford artisan wines made by famouse Napa Valley winemkaers at an affordable price. We trust Ty won't tell. But as they say, when dealing with monkeys, expect some wrenches thrown in.

  • “The end result is a marvelous, well-balanced wine that over-delivers for the price!" - 92 POINTS
    Christopher Sawyer
    Sommelier to the Stars
  • Only at Circle K Stores
    Censored Cellars
  • “With a smooth texture and long finish, this is a great example of a refreshing wine that opens up on the palate and over delivers for the price!" - 93 POINTS
    Christopher Sawyer
    Sommelier to the Stars